DFY HIP Business Site

The Ultimate Online Business Opportunity

A Done-For-You High Impact Publications
Business Site (NO Casual Piracy)
  •  You want to start an internet business to make money online 
  •  You want to sell digital products without having to worry about product suppliers and order delivery - you want a business site that literally requires minimal effort from you and runs pretty much on auto-pilot 
  •  You know many entrepreneurs are already doing this and enjoying the lifestyle you can only dream about right now 
  •  You also know that selling digital info-based products is the way to go 
  •  BUT you have no idea where to start or how to put it all together and whatever free information you can find online are now becoming a nightmare due to information overload 
If that sounds like YOU, then you are in luck!
Our DFY HIP Business Site is all you'll need.
STOP searching! This is it!

This Is What You'll Be Getting . . .

1.  A complete membership website similar to HIPEngine.com (with your preferred domain name) but selling a different range of HIP Publications. The membership control feature combined with the HIP eBook format prevents casual piracy of your publications, thus preventing loss of revenue. Most eBook membership sites have no protection for the actual eBook file (PDF format) and thus suffer incalculable losses from casual piracy through illegal sharing between friends and other means including file sharing sites and peer-to-peer torrent networks.

2. Free titles in the HIP format: 6 included - we will give you a list of options to pick and choose which titles you want to have included for your site. Whenever we release a new FREE publication, you can also request to have it added to your site for a small service fee. This will enable you to steadily grow your portfolio of FREE publications.

3. Premium titles in the HIP format: 6 included - we will also provide you a list of options to pick and choose which titles you want to have included for your site. You can offer multiple levels of membership to access your premium content and you can freely specify the membership fees for each level as you see fit. You keep 100% (minus payment processing fees or any affiliate fees). Furthermore, you can also continue to grow your free and premium digital assets by purchasing additional publications when we release them monthly and thus enabling you to offer increasingly more value to your subscribers.

4. You will also be able to accept orders for the 'DFY HIP Business Site' but we will take care of the fulfillment as well. You don't need to worry or do anything here either! For each order that comes through your HIP Business Site, you will earn US$1,200 out of US$4,970 (approx. 24%) per sale you generate from your site!

5. 1st Year's Premium Hosting included - website, content, and domain email - (renewable @ US$150/year from year 2 onward). Never have to worry about space or bandwidth. All included!

6. Own and manage your own Affiliate Program. Set your own commissions (up to 2 Tiers) for each Membership level. Build your own network of Affiliate Re-sellers and explode your sales! All setup for you and ready to go! All you need is a PayPal Business account.

7. LIVE Chat (free version with up to 5 agents) will also be setup for your site and it comes with an app you can install on your mobile phone so that you can provide live chat support to your visitors 24/7 from anywhere! Having such a feature is known to increase the conversion of website visitors into paying customers. And you can do all this while relaxing on a beach anywhere in the world!

How much can you make with a HIP Business Site?

Let's take a look: (figures are for illustration only):

* The figures below assume that you will charge the same Membership Subscription Fees as us. You can, of course, charge whatever you want - it's your business!

1-Month1-Year5-YearsIncome  Income    

The above table's potential income illustration is based on the Membership Subscription Packages only. The combinations can of course be anything at all and it is not possible to give an accurate prediction. Nevertheless, the above numbers would be considered conservative estimates and can realistically be achieved.

However, as a HIP Business Site owner, you are also entitled to accept orders for 'DFY HIP Business Site' and the potential earnings from that can be quite substantial as illustrated below:

DFY HIP Business SiteIncome  Income    

Adding up the two tables above you can see that with the multiple-streams of income available, the potential earnings from your HIP Business Site can be quite substantial and all you have to do is continuously drive traffic to your site!

No need to worry about holding stocks of products, no need to worry about shipping or fulfillment and no need to worry about product warranty etc.

That's the beauty of a totally turnkey digital business which a HIP Business Site can give you. What are you waiting for? Grab one now! (or maybe 2!  🙂 )

Cost:  US$4,970  (one-time-fee)

The process is as follows:

  • Complete the order form below. Upon receiving your order, we will begin liaising with you to confirm the domain name for your site.
  • We will also confirm both the Free and Premium HIP eBook titles you prefer for your site. Your preferred selling price will also be confirmed but can be changed anytime.
  • Once finalized, we will then issue you a 'Request for Full Payment'.
  • Once full payment is received, there will be no cancellations or refunds.
  • We will immediately begin working to deliver your site and all the publications.
  • Estimated Delivery Time:  approx. 7 - 10 net working days.
  • Once delivered, all you have to do is focus on driving traffic and start earning from your conversions! And don't worry, if you don't know how to do that, we will also provide you with guidelines on how to drive traffic from Facebook and other traffic sources to your HIP Business Site. There are over a billion users on Facebook, so there's no shortage of prospects!